The text of Secrets of the Aether, by David W. Thomson III, is available on these pages. Use the Search box to search the entire book.

Secrets of the Aether is written in a textbook format. The earlier chapters build a foundation of understanding for the subsequent chapters. As a new foundation for physics, it is very helpful, even for physicists familiar with the Standard Model, to proceed from the first chapter.
Book Cover - Secrets of the Aether

Pictured here is the Aether Unit. The "surface of distributed frequency‖ represents by the double sphere, and relates to electrostatic charge. Forward, linear time is but one aspect of quantum frequency. Forward time and space come together when dark matter enters the rotating magnetic field of the Aether, and produces the subatomic particles of visible matter. Subatomic "particles" exist at various levels of geometry. Mass has circular geometry. The electrostatic charge is spherical in geometry. The strong charge (or electromagnetic charge) has toroidal geometry. All physical existence comes together in the Aether, which has double loxodrome geometry.