Secrets of the Aether

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Self-sufficient, self-reliant, and dynamic, the mind expresses knowledge not as content but as capacity.[1]

- Tarthang Tulku

Science of Complexity

The purpose of showing Aether numbers, the ratio of musical tones, and atomic structure in this chapter and the previous one is to illustrate how the Aether unit influences the structure of the physical world. No doubt, all dynamic and living processes, such as the patterns of seed development in flowers, the growth of plant structures, skeletal and extra-skeletal structures, and population growth patterns, are manifestations of Aether units. 

Aether structure was introduced and quantified as the relationship of 2-spin Aether units to ½ spin subatomic particles. We show that a certain number of whole cycles produce specific geometrical structures and that these structures are cyclical and appear in "octaves." Images produced by Ghim Wei Ho under the tutelage of Prof. Mark Welland of the University of Cambridge Nanoscale Science Laboratory[23] remarkably resemble the purely mathematical Aether structures.

rd secret1rd secret2rd secret3

The above images were produced using chemical vapor deposition and taken with a scanning electron microscope.  Notice the spike and petal formations, two dominant Aether structures. It warrants further research to investigate the precise quantification of Aether and nanostructures within the context of the Aether Physics Model. If the APM accurately quantifies the structure of growing things, it will not only quantify the physical Universe but also precisely quantify its living structures.

Modern physics attempts to describe quantum structures in terms of macrostructures. In our macro world, things seem solid, rigid, and impenetrable. Yet, at the quantum level of structure, the Aether Physics Model reveals a more fluid and dynamic structure for existence. When we more closely study the seemingly rigid physical world, we see it is constantly changing according to processes of growth and decay, which may exist over extremely long times. Our science would be simpler and more accurate if it reflected the true nature of existence rather than our limited and preconceived notions of rigidity. 

A new branch of Aether philosophy emerges from introducing Aether numbers in the previous chapter. It is the Science of Complexity. Given an ordered reality consisting of objects and their environment, objects can bind by the three forces and give rise to a more complex and granulated reality. The three forces of magnetism, electrostatics, and gravity evolved from the Gforce acting on the dimensions of subatomic particles. The electrons and protons within the environment of Aether bind by the forces which give rise to neutrons and atoms. The neutrons remain at the level of subatomic particles, but the atoms make up a new order of reality.

Electrons, protons, and neutrons have two length dimensions, but atoms have three inherent length dimensions. The two-dimensional subatomic particles bind to one another, and the distance between them produces the third length dimension. Thus, atoms are the true quantum particles, as they are the first order of reality within spatial, three-dimensional existence.

As the complexity of the material structures develops, so also does the complexity of the forces and environment. The magnetic force that binds subatomic particles becomes the Van der Waals force that binds molecules. When polar aligned, the subatomic particles' magnetic charge produces permanent magnetism. As atoms produce molecules, they develop increasingly versatile characteristics. All along, while orders of reality become more complex, the structures built in the environment of Aether. Because Aether encapsulates subatomic particles, the Aether binds as well, changing the geometry of the fabric of space.

Therefore, force, matter, and environment progress from simple to complex states. They become cells, organs, living beings, communities, and nations. They become minerals, rocks, mountains, planets, stars, solar systems, and galaxies. There are numerous taxonomies of complex existence spanning many orders of reality.

As we quantify and understand the progressions of complexity, computer programs will model each system at various levels of reality and predict evolutions that were not imagined. Understanding the binding of subatomic particles, atoms, and molecules will lead to designer materials where the desired characteristics are input, and computers reveal the blueprints that meet the requirements.

Endeavors such as these are only possible when the root cause of force, matter, and environment is properly quantified. The physics of the 20th Century focused only on the matter, was unaware of the Gforce, and neglected the Aether. Modern physicists reached a dead end when protons and neutrons were viewed as two nuclei forms. The misperception resulted in smashed nuclei revealing smaller building blocks of matter called quarks, which are mere collision effects. Scientists neglected the Aether because it presented problems regarding Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory, as Aether provides the basis for an absolute reference frame.

In any case, it takes a physics model that can explain the evolution and interaction of force, matter, and environment to give an accurate and true account of the Universe’s existence.

The Standard Model is based upon confusion beginning with the ambiguous definitions of dimensions, which are the physical world’s first order of reality. 

What is Reality in Aether Philosophy?

At the most fundamental level of reality, the Gforce is a dynamic, highly inertial existence that gives rise to the fabric of Aether. Distinct from the Aether is a vast sea of apparently finite quantity, primary angular momentum, which becomes subatomic particles when absorbed by the Aether. Aether rearranges subatomic particles to produce different physical forms. Through motion, the forms change. Within the change, process are various manifestations of “flow,” which add to the quality of our experience. 

Coinciding with the mechanics and electromagnetism of the Universe is a quality we inherently recognize as the mind. The mind's capacity directly experiences the physical manifestations of Aether and subatomic particles, and through a body senses heat, touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing, and emotions. The mind also can create and store impressions of the sensations. Moreover, the mind can manipulate the Aether and subatomic particles through various agencies.

In reality, there are no individual beings living independently but a grand entity with incredible abilities to fragment itself and regroup in an endless cycle of becoming. There is no separation of the mind from space and form. The skin conductance of the human body is a measure of its emotions; the conductance of Aether is the collective emotion—all experience what happens to one.

The mind can directly influence the body's muscles through various agencies that manipulate matter. However, anomalous events such as the bending of metal by some yet unknown non-material force and the use of biofeedback machines demonstrate that there are multiple venues for the mind to interact with the material world. There may yet be venues previously undiscovered. 

There is a mental quality associated with individual existence. Yet there is also a collective mind quality associated with groups of individuals. Each small community has a mental quality, as do the countries these communities comprise. Does it stretch the limits of knowledge too much to suggest that there is a mental quality behind all forms of existence? A scientist might think so, but an artist might think otherwise.

Similarly, the environment in which a body exists affects the body as much as the body affects its environment and other bodies. We are as dependent upon our environment as our environment is dependent upon us. 

Like many raindrops come together to form a river and, ultimately, a mighty ocean, science, and spirituality return our awareness to the Source. Our reality is in the truth of our unified existence.

Material existence is based on four or five specific dimensions; mass, charge, length, frequency, and possibly sphericity. However, four or five specific dimensions suggest that even these dimensions have a common Source. Moreover, if the dimensions pre-exist in space, they must come from a Source that shares that space-less nature. Western civilization might train a new " explorer " type who would follow the traditions of Eastern yogis and mystics. Practitioners employing meditation tools involving reflection and contemplation might further explore the physics of dimensions leading toward the Source.

Nevertheless, in this book, we have already accepted the premise that the dimensions have a common Source. From there, we progress toward the realm where we exist as human beings (away from the Source) to understand our present existence as much as possible.

Creating a taxonomy of reality helps in our understanding. In Table 1 below, we will arbitrarily call the level of dimensions “level 1.” If, in the future, we learn to quantify the level preceding level one, we will call it level ½. The level preceding that will be level 1/3, and so on.

Therefore, level 1 is the level of dimensions. From the dimensions of level 1, the existence of units develops, which is level 2. The units include velocity, potential, angular momentum, and all others. At level 2, the concept of quantity is also introduced so that each dimension, and thus each unit, has a quantum measurement. The dimension of length produces a quantum measurement equal to the Compton wavelength. Similarly, the quantum frequency measurement derives from the empirical speed of photons divided by the quantum distance. Quantum mass has two physical quantities, the mass of the electron and the mass of the proton. Another quantum, non-material dimension of mass is the mass associated with the Aether, which is the maximum mass the Aether may contain. The quantum charges are electrostatic and magnetic, of which the magnetic charge derives from the subatomic particle angular momentum times the conductance constant. There is also a maximum magnetic charge of the Aether, which serves as the Aether quantum magnetic charge.

In level 2, there are sublevels. The quantum distance and quantum frequency have just one measurement. The quantum mass has three measurements (electron, proton, and Aether masses), and the quantum charges have several measurements.

From the units of level 2, the existences of atoms come into being as level 3. The atoms themselves have several sublevels of existence. From the atoms of level 3, the molecules come into existence as level 4. The molecules themselves have a complex system of sublevels.

From the molecules of level 4, there are several more levels of existence before reaching the human level. Then even beyond the level of humans, several more levels of existence deal with the structures made by humans. This book is not concerned with what precedes level 1 or what develops after level 4. The Aether philosophy is specifically concerned with the quantum realm, where physical existence comes into being.





…closer to God











further levels leading to humans



further levels extending from humans


As part of the Aether philosophy, we experience the phenomena of mind, consciousness, and life “force” (or spirit). Some sensitive people can directly experience the auras around living beings. There are also documented cases of the poltergeist[2] effect.

Undoubtedly, many people have not directly experienced the poltergeist effect. Others would deny that there is a life force, consciousness, auras, or even mind. Likewise, respectable people once thought that the world was flat and that human space travel was impossible. This chapter avoids the useless effort of trying to make believers out of skeptics; rather, it speaks to those who have directly experienced the paranormal and are seeking a rational explanation for their experiences.

Aether philosophy bent keys imageFor example, the author occasionally has bent keys (photo of bent keys at right) without conscious effort. A key bent in my hand as I looked at it in one case. It felt like the key momentarily turned to soft plastic, and after it finished bending, it solidified in place. Similarly, other researchers have witnessed other anomalous events in their everyday lives that must have a cause. And since both the Aether and physical reality begin with level 2, the cause must be explainable at level 2 if the event is real.

The Aether Physics Model predicates the assumption that dimensions exist and that all known phenomena can be quantified with dimensions. This also means that since the “life force” is real, it is quantifiable. Similarly, if auras or minds exist, they too will express in dimensions, and there will be equations with units to describe them. That is, of course, if the “life force,” auras, or mind originate in level 2. If such things exist before level 2, we will need new physics based on the relevant level(s) qualities.

It must be true that any reasonable unit of dimensions has a real-world analog. For example, length times frequency is equal to velocity. The reverse logic should also be true. If we have the dimensions of length times frequency, we should be able to deduce that this particular combination of dimensions would represent velocity. Velocity is not a material entity, and yet it has real dimensions. Therefore, if we assume that dimensions are real, velocity (or motion) must also be real, except that motion is one level of reality removed from its dimensions. Of course, in this case, there is also the possibility that motion is primary to the dimensions of length and frequency and that motion is the source of those dimensions, which would explain why there is an absolute speed of light.

We must remain open to the possibility that Gforce, primary angular momentum, charge, and the speed of photons may be primary causes for all existence.

On a more macro level, we think of our bodies as real. However, if our organs could talk to us, they would say that the body is an illusory construction based on the organs functioning together. And at a lower level, the cells could say that the organ is an illusion and that the real function is the cells working together. Then we might hear the molecules say that cells are illusions because they are the function of molecules working together. The atoms would point out that molecules are the function of atoms working together. And subatomic particles would say that atoms are apparitions caused by the congregation of angular momentum. And then, the dimensions would point out that the angular momentum is merely the appearance of dimensions working together.

Each order of reality would consider the higher order to be an illusion concerning the grouping of its members. Even at the level of humans, we consider the concept of the community an illusion created by the congregation of humans. Yet there may be some form of more complex consciousness among human communities, which communicates with each other and considers humans mere components.

It is interesting to look at the level of dimensions and reflect on what a dimension is. The only way we can experience dimension directly, it appears, is in our mind. How is it that the most fundamental form of knowable existence experiences only by the mind?

At this point, we can conjecture that the more complex a level is from the Source of reality, the further that level is from being real in an absolute sense. The underlying substance of dimensions is very real, but the forms made from these dimensions are much less real, becoming more transitory in nature with each level of complexity. Further, the perception of the forms is the source of their unreal nature. The dimensions are still there, but instead of seeing the dimensions for what they are, we see them for the bound forms we would rather see. An in-depth analysis of the nature of perception is the subject of other books and explains quite well in some religious and philosophical traditions.


Motion is not merely a characteristic of Aether philosophy; it gives the Aether functionality.

The Aether Physics Model shows that subatomic particles are contained within a quantum unit of Aether. Aether gives the Universe its fabric of space, and subatomic particles are the visible matter that occupies it. The subatomic particles do not leave the Aether unit they reside in. So technically, matter never moves in space. The material matter is like a particle suspended in water. To move the particle, the fluid must move.

All motion is of the Aether. The subatomic particles influence the Aether, but at all times, it remains encapsulated by Aether. That is how Aether donates its electrostatic charge to subatomic particles. It is also how primary angular momentum can interact with Aether to produce magnetic charges. So when atoms and molecules move, the Aether encapsulating them also moves. And since the Aether is formed of force carrier dipoles, which interact with other Aether units, the Aether units between and around atoms and molecules also drag with it.

So wherever an object is perceived, it has its own Aether. That object could be as dense as a gold nugget, the rarefied atmosphere, or even a magnetic or gravitational field, and the Aether will remain grouped just the same. Dense objects have more subatomic particles than rarefied objects. Therefore, dense objects also have more Aether density than rarified objects.

Aether behaves like a solid, fluid, and gas all at once. Because the Aether constructs from reciprocal mass (the maximum amount of mass allowed in an Aether unit), it can manifest reality. If there is nothing denser moving through a region of Aether, it will move with the densest system closest to it. For example, magnetic, electrostatic, and gravitational forces hold our galaxy together. The Aether of the galaxy moves as a whole. Within the galaxy are solar systems and dust clouds. Each object is denser than the galaxy and influences the Aether local to these objects.

The solar system consists of stars, planets, and minor bodies. The density of the solar system determines how much local Aether it influences. A planet within that system will be the densest object in the local area and influence the Aether local to it even more so. At a given place on the planet, there will be objects denser to the local Aether, and they will preponderate. This pattern of influence continues down to the quantum level of existence.

The Aether associated with each object likely moves similarly to a Rubik’s cube. To move through the Aether would require the displacement of other Aether units. René Descartes called this type of movement a vortex. However, the vortices are not limited to the three axes available to a Rubik’s cube and have much more freedom. A spaceship passing through the emptier regions of the solar system will push the Aether in front, which will curve back around to fill the wake. The flow of Aether would look similar in pattern to the magnetic field lines of a magnet, moving from one pole and curving back around to the other pole. The relative movement of Aether would appear as a magnetic field about the ship.


Flow extends from motion and gives it structure. A river can be a flow of raindrops. The Gulf Stream is an ocean current flow and a Thermohaline Circulation segment. An economy is the flow of money, and industry is the flow of goods. The body relies on the flow of air (breath) and blood circulation, among other flow instances. Reading is the flow of words; traffic is the flow of cars. There is flow happening everywhere and at all times.

All flow relates to the general concepts of health and sickness. If the breath or blood circulation is poor, the health suffers. If the money does not flow, the economy suffers. Alternatively, if the flow is too strong, such as for a river, then flooding occurs. Proper regulation is essential to the health of all aspects of the Universe.

The Aether is no exception. The space around and within us must also flow properly to maintain health. Western medicine has so far denied the flow of Aether through the body and environment. This is a natural consequence of denying the existence of Aether in physics. Nevertheless, ancient literature acknowledges the flow of Aether, which the East acknowledges even today. Of course, the flow does not name Aether, but Chi, Ki, Qi, Ku, and Prana, among others. A similar line of study almost existed in the West, calling it Orgone. Controlling the flow of Aether has found its way into the esoteric martial arts, the work of psychics and mentalists, and alternative healing methods.

The Aether Philosophy of Orgonomy

The study of orgone (orgonomy) is one of those “sciences” where qualified researchers have invested their hard-earned degrees to quantify something they could not clearly measure.


A universal life force hypothesized by Wilhelm Reich[3], supposed to emanate from all organic material that purportedly can be captured with a booth-like device and used to restore psychological well-being.[4]

Aether units have mass and charge, but it is reciprocal mass and charge. Just as frequency manifests differently than its reciprocal of time, the reciprocal dimensions of mass and charge also manifest differently than mass and charge.

The Aether is dynamic because its quantum unit is a rotating magnetic field. The Gforce, the cause of this rotating magnetic field, gives the impression that the Aether is alive and somehow self-perpetuating. The description of orgone seems similar to the description of the Aether unit in that both are associated with “aliveness,” appear massless, and are not directly measurable.

No preplanned conception preceded the Aether Physics Model. Its development resulted from following one empirical lead after the next. The concepts discussed here are natural consequences of science.

The discovery of the Unified Force Theory, insights into the atomic binding processes, the true nature of the charge, the geometry of the Aether, and other key discoveries concerning the physical and non-material world were completely unexpected. When Jim Bourassa approached me to research and write a book on this new theory, he suggested we also write about orgone. I told him I had no data or other evidence to suggest Orgone was real then.

Then as I put the raw notes into book form and began organizing topics and developing the theory, it became clear that every physical process in nature appears to be accounted for in the Aether Physics Model. It became clear at this point that the mind, the life force, the emotions, consciousness, and other non-material aspects of the experience may also be quantifiable, even if not directly measurable.

It also became clear that some aspects of the physical world, such as time, are not directly measurable but are still quantifiable. Time infers by observing the frequency of certain regular processes (Earth's rotation or Cesium atoms' oscillation). If time measures indirectly but precisely from its inferred reciprocal of frequency, then other units of the Universe likely measure indirectly.

As I started interacting with orgone researchers and questioning their “data” and instrumentation, I began to suspect that the mind might be related to the reciprocal of mass, orgone might be the same thing as Aether, and the aura of the body might be a form of reciprocal magnetic charge or conductance. It could also be that other dimensions in greater space correlate to these non-material aspects of existence. Whatever it turns out to be, the Aether Physics Model provides a valid paradigm in which these long unanswered issues might resolve.

I have had many metaphysical experiences, of which precognitions, out-of-body experiences, and lucid dreaming are just a few. So at a level of direct experience, I can relate to the concepts being put forth by researchers such as Wilhelm Reich. However, this does not mean I agree with conclusions or observations without properly acquired data. If we are to include the non-measurable aspects of experience in our physics, we are still obligated to establish a reliable method for quantifying these experiences.

If there truly is a life force, it must be quantifiable and detectable. We can make this statement even without first verifying the method for quantifying the life force. It is a consequence of logic. If keys truly bend without directly applied mechanical force, then a quantifiable mechanism must explain the phenomenon. If objects accelerate upward off the floor, such as in John Hutchison’s demonstrations[5], there must also be a quantifiable explanation for this effect. The fact that we observe these phenomena before understanding them is part of the natural progression of learning.

Health and Healing in Aether Philosophy

It is this author’s insight that qualities such as consciousness, mind, and health are quantifiable with the proper interpretations of quantum data. After all, the Aether Physics Model yields the world’s first and simplest Unified Force Theory and merges gracefully with General Relativity equations. It is logical that if the physical world sorts out mathematically and geometrically through the Aether Physics Model, then the best chance for quantifying all other characteristics of living experience (consciousness, mind, health, etc.) will follow this model.

Dale Sumburèru, DrPH, MD, has proposed extending the present health system, which treats only pathogenic disease, to a system incorporating salutogenic treatment[6]. The essence of Dr. Sumburèru’s theory is that good health quantifies and has causes, just as bad health can be quantified and has causes. Good health quantifies according to the Cellular Cosmic Signature (CCS) of cells, organs, or organisms, which measures biophotons. According to Dr. Sumburèru, biophotons are generated by living beings through the same or similar process as the photons generated by magnetic charge. This is just a working hypothesis, but it is the beginning of a much-needed proactive approach to health and healing.

Dr. Sumburèru further suggests that Aether is “accumulated” through sleep and that “the human organism uses the Aether to facilitate memory, the placebo effects, and spontaneous healing through the autonomic nervous system.” Perhaps Aether needs to condition through proper flow and accumulate to maintain the life force. It would appear that the water vortices work of Viktor Schauberger involved the conditioning of Aether in water. Feng Shui is the conditioning of Aether in our environment, and generating a rotating magnetic field would condition the Aether directly.

From the view of the Aether Physics Model philosophy, it would appear that the health of a body is due in part to the proper flow of Aether through and around it. This Aether flow can replenish our body through deep breathing, walking, driving, or bathing in Aether-conditioned water. Magnets realign the Aether units of air as the magnetic field passes through it. Stretching body tissue, as in yoga, would increase the presence of Aether by increasing its flow. Individuals who have raised the level of Aether in their body could transfer this Aether to others through touch or closeness.

Such healing techniques have been around for thousands of years, but modern Western science does not understand the mechanism of these techniques. Indeed, how does one measure the presence of properly flowing empty space? Without acknowledging the existence of Aether, how could modern science ever know about its function in health and healing?

In recent times, Victor Schauberger discovered that nature uses natural vortices to rejuvenate water. Nikola Tesla and Georges Lakhovsky experimented with rotating magnetic fields generated by high frequency, using high potential apparatus as a healing mechanism. Wilhelm Reich developed orgone therapy. Others have found similar healing techniques involving Aether conditioning. However, in the West, all went to the dustbin of history because scientists did not know how to quantify the Aether.

On the other hand, the East's healing techniques quantify and understand the need for Aether. In Eastern systems of medicine, Aether manifests as Chi or Qi (Chinese), Ki (Japanese), Prana (Hindu), and Ku (Tibetan). Other cultures acknowledge Aether in one form or another. The methods for cultivating the flow of Aether are highly developed in Eastern cultures.

It is ironic that for several hundred years, Westerners considered Easterners barbaric, primitive, and uncultured, thinking it necessary to send its missionaries into Eastern cultures and purge them of their knowledge and systems of healthful living, which were supposedly based on superstition and ignorance. Yet, it might now appear that the dead and lifeless culture of the West was, at times, the disease and plague to ancient, balanced cultures—our inability to measure what others could directly sense results from our ignorance. Western culture must have caused tremendous suffering for “primitive” cultures by destroying natural and healthy ways of living.

Perhaps scientific research on it will begin now that we can quantify Aether. Perhaps our advanced technology can identify the causes of imbalance in the daily lives of living beings and our environment and suggest ways to improve living. As we learn that no single culture monopolizes God, perhaps all people will unite as a network of distinct cultures in a greater community of planet Earth and the Universe. Moreover, perhaps the discovery that our ancestors knew more than we gave them credit for will humble us.

Form and Beauty in Aether Philosophy

The Standard Model cannot describe the simple shape of the electron. But the Aether Physics Model can not only describe the simple shape of the electron, but it can also show how the entire physical realm is a symphony of form, just as Beethoven’s Fifth is a symphony of melody.

Aether numbers are presented from the Aether Physics Model. Examples are given that show how spin-position produces various forms. However, this is just an introduction to a vast field of study that will delight artists of all media.

We show that \(\frac{{158}}{2}\pi \) and \(\frac{{16{\pi ^2}}}{2}\pi\) ranges were relevant to forms produced by half-spin subatomic particles in the Aether. Below, different sequence numbers produce a table of selected forms according to the Aether function \(G\left( {x,y} \right) = \frac{{x + 1}}{2} \cdot \frac{{x + 3}}{2}\) in the cylindrical coordinate system.

Cylindrical Coordinates

Spherical Coordinates

\(\LARGE\frac{{53}}{2}\pi \) an1 1 53 \(\LARGE\frac{{3 \cdot 53}}{2}\pi \) ans1 3 53
\(\LARGE\frac{{39}}{2}\pi \) an1 1 39 \(\LARGE\frac{{4 \cdot 39}}{2}\pi \) Aether structure as Aether philosophy
\(\LARGE\frac{{31}}{2}\pi \) an1 1 31 \(\LARGE\frac{{5 \cdot 31}}{2}\pi \) ans1 5 31
\(\LARGE\frac{{27}}{2}\pi \) Aether structure as Aether philosophy \(\LARGE\frac{{6 \cdot 27}}{2}\pi \) ans1 6 27
\(\LARGE\frac{{23}}{2}\pi \) an1 1 23 \(\LARGE\frac{{7 \cdot 23}}{2}\pi \) ans1 7 23
\(\LARGE\frac{{19}}{2}\pi \) an1 1 19 \(\LARGE\frac{{8 \cdot 19}}{2}\pi \) ans1 8 19

Notice that when the number of sides or points the shape has, multiplies the base number of the image, it produces a seed or “bell pepper bottom” shaped image. It is as though the seed geometry or “bell pepper bottom” geometry is a primary form of some kind. As far as the seed shape goes, nearly all plant and animal life begins as a seed or ovum. 

It would seem that the “bell pepper bottom” geometry is peculiar to an even number of sides or points in the shape, and the seed geometry is peculiar to the odd number of sides and points.

More of the primary set images follow below. Notice the near-perfect symmetry of the stars. Perhaps it would not be surprising if all the stars had an even number of points. However, most of the stars have an odd number of points.

Cylindrical Coordinates

Spherical Coordinates

\(\LARGE\frac{{63}}{2}\pi \) an1 1 63 \(\LARGE\frac{{5 \cdot 63}}{2}\pi \) ans1 5 63
\(\LARGE\frac{{45}}{2}\pi \) an1 1 45 \(\LARGE\frac{{7 \cdot 45}}{2}\pi \) ans1 7 45
\(\LARGE\frac{{59}}{2}\pi \) Aether structure as Aether philosophy \(\LARGE\frac{{8 \cdot 59}}{2}\pi \) ans1 8 59
\(\LARGE\frac{{35}}{2}\pi \) an1 1 35 \(\LARGE\frac{{9 \cdot 35}}{2}\pi \) ans1 9 35
\(\LARGE\frac{{43}}{2}\pi \) an1 1 43 \(\LARGE\frac{{11 \cdot 43}}{2}\pi \) ans1 11 43
\(\LARGE\frac{{73}}{2}\pi \) an1 1 73 \(\LARGE\frac{{13 \cdot 73}}{2}\pi \) ans1 13 73

The fact that so many non-repeating images could appear in the primary set and with such precision of form is astounding. It is further awe-inspiring that these forms are, in fact, the forms of living things as reflected in flowers in particular, plants in general, and sea creatures, to name a few. 

Cylindrical Coordinates

Spherical Coordinates

\(\LARGE\frac{{16{\pi ^2}}}{2}\pi \) an1 1 16p2 \(\LARGE\frac{{16{\pi ^2}}}{2}\pi \) ans1 1 16p2
\(\LARGE\frac{{8{\pi ^2}}}{2}\pi \) an1 1 8p2 \(\LARGE\frac{{8{\pi ^2}}}{2}\pi \) Aether structure as Aether philosophy
\(\LARGE\frac{{4{\pi ^2}}}{2}\pi \) an1 1 4p2 \(\LARGE\frac{{4{\pi ^2}}}{2}\pi \) ans1 1 4p2

In the above images, using the Aether constant of \(16{\pi ^2}\) and its divisions, we further generate interesting images.

The \(4{\pi ^2}\) constant, which is the constant of a toroid, indicates that the perception of three angular dimensions of length in the form of a cube is the result of toroidal onta. This would explain why the Cartesian coordinate system best explains our human perception of space, while the cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems best explain the way subatomic particles experience space.

This book also demonstrates the effect of \(Phi\) and \(phi\) numbers and their relationship to physical constants such as the g-factors. We can set \(G\) to be a function of the \(Phi\) and \(phi\) numbers:

\begin{equation}G\left({x,y}\right)=\frac{{{\sqrt {\mid x\mid}}+1}}{2}\cdot\frac{{{\sqrt {\mid y\mid}}+3}}{2}\end{equation}

In this case, since \(5\) is already known to be a full cycle with \(Phi\) and \(phi\) numbers, we set the range to be \(5\pi \), and the surface plot appears as nearly a sphere:

anPhi1 5 pi

Many other interesting observations are not covered here from the \(Phi\) and \(phi\) contour plots.

The Gforce manifests through the Aether unit. Presented earlier was the reduction of reality down through to the level of dimensions. Now we see the profound relationship of Aether spin positions to the general forms of living and growing things. A picture is emerging that shows the method and harmony of all things as evolved from an all-pervading God. Of course, there is a need to expand the detail of the method and harmony, but this is a start.


Since Aether units are independent units of the 2-spin rotating magnetic field, without any solid substance, and eternally dynamic in nature, there must be more to Aether than mere empty space. The existence of an all-powerful, all-pervasive God is supported by the presence of the Gforce in the Aether constants, the existence of the dimensions, and the principle of reductionism.

One cannot study the Aether without developing an appreciation and awe for the beauty of the Creator and the Creator’s manifestations in all that exists. Even if the world were some elaborate illusion, we still see the witnesses to God all around us. With all the evidence for an ordered existence arising out of the mind-like qualities of dimensions, even the most skeptical among us could understand the rational logic for the existence of God.

With the Aether Physics Model, we can also learn how to separate the truth of what God is from the myth imbued by the culture surrounding a given religion. For example, physics does not support the concept of male superiority (or female superiority, for that matter), nor does the theory single out a specific name or geographic location for God. Nevertheless, science clearly supports the qualities of the Creator as an all-powerful, all-pervading, living, and dynamic force.

Perhaps by understanding physical existence with the assistance of the Aether Physics Model, humans will be better able to appreciate God and learn that we all share the same universal heritage and destiny. Perhaps we will see the benefit to all life that comes from balancing the flow of Aether and all physical existence.


In Chapter 3, the Gforce was shown to be the single reciprocal force from which all fundamental forces arise. The Gforce is enormous and acts through each quantum Aether unit. The Gforce represents the greatest possible force that can emanate from a quantum of space, and wherever it comes from, the Gforce pre-exists physical existence and gives rise to it.

Quantifying something that pre-exists in the physical Universe is probably impossible. In addition, whatever it is that pre-existed the physical Universe, it must have a non-material quality. Several of the world’s major religions and cultures generally refer to the enlightened mind as some non-material, pre-existing, all-powerful, and creative force of the Universe. In this Aether philosophy, we accept this non-material, creative Gforce as a postulate and accept it as “pure, enlightened Mind” or “God.” The sum of all quantum Aether units or any quantity of Aether units has identical properties of its parts. This “God Mind” thus postulates to be present throughout the visible Universe and to apply equally to all objects, regardless of their size, constitution, and structure.

Having postulated a Universal Mind of God, based in part on empirical observations, we can now attempt to quantify the individual consciousness of this Universal Mind as perceived through the human body’s senses.

Each order of physical reality is matter, bound within an environment, but in a more complex form than the previous level. Just as the Gforce evolves into the magnetic, electrostatic, and gravitational forces and various other manifestations of force, the living God's Mind also evolves into complex manifestations. Masaru Emoto shows evidence that water possesses a quality of mind. We suspect that cells possess a quality of mind. We accept that our complex human form possesses a quality of mind. If the Gforce is the God Mind, and water and cells possess a quality of mind, as do humans, then what logic would allow the other levels of existence not to possess a quality of mind? It is reasonable to conclude that the God Mind evolves (or devolves) into the consciousness we are familiar with, just as subatomic particles evolve into the human form.

From the physical perspective, the Aether, seen through “God’s eyes,” exists as a 2-spin, volume-resonance domain. The physical body, composed of subatomic particles, exists in a half-spin, volume-time domain. God's consciousness thus exists in at least one more dimension than physical-based consciousness.

As far as this discussion goes, God's consciousness only describes as the basis for physical consciousness (ego). One can only know or feel the direct meaning of God's consciousness since the source of God's consciousness pre-exists, the physical Universe. The methods for setting aside physical consciousness so that God's consciousness can be known and felt are well documented in Buddhism, Hinduism, A Course in Miracles, and other systems of thought. This section is concerned primarily with quantifying physical consciousness to understand how physical consciousness relates to the physical Universe. In general, when referring to consciousness, we will refer to individual consciousness (or ego) and not God's.

Psychophysiology is the branch of physiology dealing with the relationship between physiological processes and thoughts, emotions, and behavior[8]. The primary tool for measuring thoughts, emotions, and behavior concerning our physical body and environment is a device that measures electrodermal activity (EDA). EDA is another way of saying “skin conductance.” Therefore, the devices used by psychophysiologists today are intended to measure skin conductance.

According to the Standard Model, the reciprocal of the conductance unit is the resistance unit. However, data clearly shows skin conductance has no linear relationship to skin resistance. According to the Aether Physics Model, the reciprocal of conductance is the magnetic flux unit. Moreover, as presented earlier, evidence shows a linear relationship between conductance and magnetic flux. Thus, there is already sufficient evidence to show that the reciprocal of conductance is magnetic flux and not resistance.

If the Aether Physics Model is correct, conductance is not equal to current divided by potential, as the Standard Model shows. In the APM, conductance is equal to frequency divided by potential:

\begin{equation}Cd = \frac{{freq}}{{potn}} \end{equation}

Conductance is also equal to charge per angular momentum:

\begin{equation}Cd = \frac{{chrg}}{h} \end{equation}

Properly designed equipment will calculate conductance based on the frequency per potential between electrodes. The conductance between two points can produce useful data. Still, the ultimate device for measuring and observing conductance would produce a surface color map of all cell conductances (or conductances for any particular order of reality). The Aether Physics Model predicts this is possible. Essentially, a device that produces a color map of conductance over the surface of a body would give a view of the body’s aura. We could then explore the aura reading as an accurate medical diagnostic tool.

If we wanted to see the body’s aura in terms of light (ligt), then we would have to accelerate the magnetic charge per conductance of the measured body:

\begin{equation}ligt = \frac{{chrg \cdot accl}}{{Cd}} \end{equation}

Is there a process that could map the body’s conductance by accelerating the magnetic charge and presenting a map in light?

In 1939, the same year that Reich claimed to have discovered bioenergy in the form of orgone, a Russian scientist, Semyon Kirlian discovered a novel form of photography that, for the first time, appeared to show unmistakable evidence of just such a field – a field that Russian scientists called bioplasmic energy. Kirlian’s invention makes use of the Tesla coil – a high-voltage, high-frequency electrical device – to photograph living tissues. Experimenters have used frequencies between 20,000 and 3,000,000 cycles per second, and voltages between 20,000 and 50,000 volts, to generate electric fields that cause electrons to be pulled out of the surface of living tissue such as human skin. The process is not destructive or painful but it does enable the pattern of electrons, in turn, to generate light that can expose a photographic plate[9]

Kirlian photography appears to be a valid science, or at least there are equations that predict it. Perhaps our Aether philosophy needs more research to better develop the Kirlian photographic method.

In the Aether Physics Model, as we simplify within the various orders of reality, we pass from molecules, atoms, units, dimensions, and ultimately to God (Singularity). As the order of reality reduces in complexity, we get closer to the ultimate truth. Progressing toward the more complex levels of reality, we get further away from God, but the level of sophistication in our experience becomes more detailed. Therefore, the two aspects of our mind, the God consciousness and the ego consciousness, tend to evolve mutually exclusive, even though we view ego consciousness through the God-consciousness. Furthermore, other measurable and knowable levels of consciousness appear to be allowed based on the different orders of reality.

We can postulate that God's consciousness is a given, but ego consciousness must exist due to physical laws since it perceives the physical world. Many philosophers, ancient and modern, have wondered how it is that the mind interfaces with the physical world. The Aether Physics Model offers a solution to the problem.

The physical matter making up a human body can identify more or less as something isolated from its environment, although this is a misperception. The distinction between what constitutes the body and its environment is unclear because we constantly exchange molecules with our environment through breathing, drinking, eating, defecating, urinating, and perspiring. Furthermore, Aether always encapsulates subatomic particles. Yet at any given moment, we can say, “This is my body, and it has certain characteristics apart from other objects and apart from the environment.” The characteristics we are primarily concerned with are the molecules in the brain and blood, though ultimately, all the molecules in our body contribute to our present ego consciousness.

At the quantum level, we have defined the Aether unit and postulated that God's consciousness dwells within it. We also know that as angular momentum spins through the conductance of the Aether unit, the Aether produces a magnetic charge. Angular momentum interfacing with Aether conductance presents a physical experience to the Aether consciousness. At the quantum level, the Aether consciousness similarly experiences all electrons and protons. However, at the atomic level, the total geometry of the atom presents a different experience to the Aether consciousness for each type of atom. Similarly, at the molecular level, geometry is much more complex. The Aether consciousness experiences the complex geometrical structures quite differently. Therefore, it seems that the consciousness of a given collection of molecules is associated with the total molecules of the entity, even though there is also consciousness at the level of each individual subatomic particle. In other words, there are different levels of consciousness in a complex entity, each occurring at various levels of reality. Hence, we perceive individual human consciousness at the human level of reality, but awareness of the group and global consciousness also exists.


For some, truth is what we believe in. This sounds good at first until we question what is doing the believing. This Aether philosophy shows the various orders of reality within the physical world. We also show evidence that each order of reality animates by a living force, a living substance, and a living environment. More specifically, the self associated with our body is a level of consciousness peculiar to our experience at the level of the body.

The self we are familiar with is the consciousness of a particular group of organs, cells, molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles, which compose the body and its environment. When the self says, “I believe,” the group consciousness of that limited portion of the Universe is making the statement. Therefore, the perception and belief in that truth reflect those limitations.

There is another kind of truth which reveals to us. We do not have to interpret it to make it true, although we may have to interpret our sensations to understand it. The Gforce and dimensions are what they are. Since we think with consciousness associated with the body, our knowledge of the Gforce and dimensions comes through our senses. The knowledge that comes through the senses needs interpretation since it arrives at our awareness as sensations. Nevertheless, the underlying truth, which the body senses, is what it is. Therefore, there is an absolute truth that we can know and interpret correctly.

War and Peace

When the Standard Model was developed, the United States was at war. Scientists were under pressure to produce more powerful and destructive weapons. Thus, the “mass equals energy” paradigm attracted the military-industrial complex. After all, the winner of a war is the one who strategically commands the most energy.

Ironically, the cause of the wars was also about strategically commanding energy. Energy, like money, has corrupted individuals and entire cultures. There is nothing wrong with money or energy. They are good, and they are essential to the structure of civilization. However, money and energy are not the only foundation of civilization.

Civilization is a collection of living beings, each at various levels of existence. Science should not only be about killing beings if it even should be about killing at all. Science must further all aspects of society so that health, harmony, and individual satisfaction are the purpose for the existence of science.

The needs of living beings are not met merely by providing comforts for the body, and a safe community, with fairness for all. These are essential, yes, but the need for purpose in life is just as important. Each living individual must have a purpose, a reason for existing in the first place, if any of the creature comforts are to be meaningful.

The “mass equals energy” paradigm is not only fallacious but also empty. How will science ever truly fulfill the needs of living beings with a paradigm that enlists false equality and logic? Even though the data behind the Standard Model is good, that does not mean the theory that explains the data is good. If we expect our citizens to abide by common sense and fidelity, then our science and religion must set the example.

Visualize a paradigm based on empirical data, which clearly shows the development of the physical Universe from a living God. Imagine a model that children can understand and conceptualize. It illustrates a simple and common sense explanation of how an all-pervading, eternal Gforce gave rise to the world they were born into.

An Aether philosophy that gives a clear conduit of development from God to the learner creates a link between the Creator and the creation. This link gives a sense of belonging and develops a sense of purpose in life. And what could our purpose be other than to create the conditions that will further our understanding of the Source of all life and all existence?

There are generations who are thankful they won their wars, regardless of the cost, and perhaps rightly so. However, the present generation’s gratitude is better spent being thankful that no more wars must be fought. We have before us now a new opportunity to establish balance and harmony within a civilization through the marriage of science and spirituality. We now have a tool that increases our knowledge of our physical world and can help us find common ground in our spiritual paths.

Perhaps for the first time ever, pure knowledge reveals, not this time to the priests and their chosen initiates, but now to all humans. And even more fortunate, this knowledge is not about technologies of war but of technologies of peace.

The Aether Physics Model is about truth in science and undeniably about truth in spirituality. Nearly everybody acknowledges spirituality, and whatever we call it, exists. Perhaps spiritual reality is merely a quality of mind; perhaps it is more than that. However, whatever truth is, we must all seek it together, not in war, but in peace.


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