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depends in some way on the motion of the rest; and at the same time these connexions must be capable of a certain kind of elastic yielding, since the communication of motion is not instantaneous, but occupies time.

In the above paragraph, Maxwell correctly induces the connectivity of Aether units to produce the fabric of Aether. He also induces the small density of the Aether. However, in the APM, the Aether density is not so much as small as it is reciprocal to gross matter density. This was an alien concept for the scientists of the 19th Century. It did not occur to them that there is a reciprocal nature between matter and Aether (between objects and environment). Maxwell also realizes that there is a non-zero communication time between Aether units, which we now know is the speed of light; another property of the Aether.

The medium is therefore capable of receiving and storing up two kinds of energy, namely, the "actual" energy depending on the motions of its parts, and "potential" energy, consisting of the work which the medium will do in recovering from displacement in virtue of its elasticity.

The propagation of undulations consists in the continual transformation of one of these forms of energy into the other alternately, and at any instant the amount of energy in the whole medium is equally divided, so that half is energy of motion, and half is elastic resilience. 

(7) A medium having such a constitution may be capable of other kinds of motion and displacement than those which produce the phenomena of light and heat, and some of these may be of such a kind that they may be evidenced to our senses by the phenomena they produce.

An example of these unusual phenomena of the Aether would be the ability for one section of the Aether to separate itself from another section of Aether. For example, a vehicle can be made such that it produces an electromagnetic resonance with standing waves around its outer surface. The standing waves would cause the space of the vehicle to become disconnected from the space of the environment (much like a soap bubble causes the atmosphere inside the bubble to separate from the atmosphere outside the bubble). When the space is disconnected, the ability to transmit force between the vehicle and its environment is severed, and thus the force of gravity transmitted by a planet would have no effect on the vehicle. It would appear to our senses as being "antigravitational."

(8) Now we know that the luminiferous medium is in certain cases acted on by magnetism; for Faraday4discovered that when a plane polarized ray traverses a transparent diamagnetic medium in the direction of the lines of magnetic force produced by magnets or currents in the neighborhood, the plane of polarization is caused to rotate.

This rotation is always in the direction in which positive electricity must be carried round the diamagnetic body in order to produce the actual magnetization of the field. 

M. Verdet5has since discovered that if a paramagnetic body, such as solution of perchloride of iron in ether, be substituted for the diamagnetic body, the rotation is in the opposite direction.

Now Professor W. Thomson6has pointed out that no distribution of forces acting between the parts of a medium whose only motion is that of the luminous vibrations, is sufficient to account for the phenomena, but that we must admit the existence of a motion in the medium depending on the magnetization, in addition to the vibratory motion which constitutes light.

Here we are given experiments that prove the existence of Aether. As Thomson states, the difference in rotation direction of polarized light moving through a diamagnetic and paramagnetic medium can only be explained in terms of an Aether having motion of itself. 

It is true that the rotation by magnetism of the plane of polarization has been observed only in media of considerable density; but the properties of the magnetic field are not so much altered by the substitution of one medium for another, or for a vacuum, as to allow us to suppose that the dense medium does anything more than merely modify the motion of the ether. We have therefore warrantable grounds for inquiring whether there may not be a motion of the ethereal medium going on wherever magnetic effects are observed, and we have some reason to suppose that this motion is one of rotation, having the direction of the magnetic force as its axis.

In the Aether Physics Model, the Aether quantifies as a quantum rotating magnetic field. this quantum rotating magnetic field pre-exists physical matter. In fact, inherent rotating magnetic field is the primary nature of the Aether unit, and which gives structure to subatomic particles, and thus matter.

(9) We may now consider another phenomenon observed in the electromagnetic