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Aether is a real thing. Aether is a quantum rotating magnetic field which can be both created and destroyed. Aether is created in the Casimir effect and in nuclear reactions, and Aether is destroyed at “black holes” and at high speed particle collisions.

Aether (a quantum rotating magnetic field) is precisely quantified at Coulomb’s constant times 16π216π2.


Aether has both geometry and dimensional structure, and Aether is loaded with many features that support the physical Universe. In fact, Aether is the foundation of the physical Universe.

The Aether contains three orthogonal dimensions of length, which gives us space. The Aether contains two orthogonal dimensions of frequency, which provides temporal resonance, and which ultimately gives matter its property of duration (time). Aether has the dimension of mass in the same sense that other units such as energy, potential, resistance, magnetic flux, and others possess mass. Aether has an electrostatic dipole structure which gives subatomic particles, such as the electron and the proton, their negative and positive electrostatic charges, and also produces an electrostatic lattice throughout all space. The Aether also has a magnetic charge dipole, which invokes in subatomic particles the property of magnetic charge proportional to the mass of the subatomic particle.

The Aether’s resonance is an oscillation between forward time and backward time, which produces the present moment; and the Aether’s resonance is also an oscillation between temporal right spin torque and temporal left spin torque, which produces matter and anti-matter.

Aether absorbs strings of dark matter (vibrating strings of mass) from outside of the Aether to produce subatomic particles, and thus produces visible matter. The dark matter can only fill one of four forward time spin positions, which produces one of the four stable subatomic particles (electron, proton, positron, and antiproton.) Physical matter is able to interact with the Aether because physical matter is constructed from the Aether, hence matter acts on space, and space acts on matter as proved in General Relativity theory.

Photons, a forward time, angular momentum phenomenon that fills both the electron and positron spin positions, can move from one Aether unit to the next only at the rate of the temporal vibration of Aether, which gives us the fixed speed of photons.

The Aether, itself, is produced from a more primary feature of the Universe which I call the Gforce. The Gforce is a reciprocal force that is best described as a type of cosmic Will. The Gforce produces the Aether unit, and the Aether unit is also the force constant for the magnetic force and its variations, which are the strong force, Casimir force, Van der Waals force, and permanent magnetism. The Gforce acts on the magnetic charge of subatomic particles to produce magnetism according to the inverse square law. The Gforce acts on the mass dimension of subatomic particles and produces gravity according to the inverse square law. The Gforce acts on the electrostatic charge imparted to subatomic particles and produces the electrostatic force according to the inverse square law. The Aether is the physical structure from which the fundamental forces operate, and all fundamental forces emanate from all space, which is why it appears that forces can act at a distance.

Aether is a thing, and it is the ultimate thing in the physical Universe. Once a physicist understands the structure and quantifications of the Aether, and realizes what the Aether provides for the foundation of physical existence, the magnitude of the error of removing the Aether from physics becomes alarmingly clear. The Aether is the common factor for all physical existence, and yet mainstream physicists pride themselves on how well they think they can ignore the Aether.

Mainstream physicists are woefully ignorant about extraterrestrial technology because mainstream physicists are ignoring the holy grail of technology, which is the engineering of space through the engineering of the Aether. By controlling the fabric of space, one can stretch a region of Aether across vast space, cross a narrowed path to the in-stretched space, and let the Aether return to normal, and in the process a vehicle could travel from Earth to Mars in just minutes. By controlling the fabric of space, light can be made to move around an object and make the object totally hidden from view. By controlling the fabric of space, the force of gravity can be isolated within a bubble of Aether which surrounds a vehicle, and then the vehicle can move at rapid speeds without experiencing G forces, acceleration, or Earth’s gravity. The same Aether bubble can also allow a vehicle to move through water, air, and space with equal ease. By engineering the creation of space, one can produce an unlimited supply of electrons, which could be used to generate power for any purpose. And this is just a small taste of what awaits scientists who study and engineer the Aether.

Sometimes, I think Albert Einstein was a plant who intentionally led the people of Earth astray so as to slow down our scientific advancement. Nobody could be so ignorant as to not understand the ease of understanding the Aether, and the importance of the Aether to physics, unless someone was intentionally distorting the truth and forcing the distortion upon the public consciousness.