Quantum AetherDynamics Institute

Quantum AetherDynamics Institute is the official organization for disseminating the Aether Physics Model. The organization is a legally chartered 501(c)3 non profit, which is primarily operated by David W. Thomson III, author of Secrets of the Aether. 

Through experimentation, research, and dimensional analysis, the Aether Physics Model is a proposed improvement and alternative to the Standard Model of Particle Physics. 


  • Secrets of the Aether by David W. Thomson III with forward by James D. Bourassa, and illustrations by Jon Lomberg. Published by The Aenor Trust, 2007
  • A New Foundation for Physics - A 25 page introduction to the Aether Physics Model that provides the essential insights.
  • Calculation of the Unified Force Theory - A step by step explanation for how to mathematically unify the fundamental forces of nature using simple, Newtonian-type force laws. 
  • Electron Binding Energy - Using the Aether Physics Model to calculate the electron binding energy not only for hydrogen, but for all atomic isotopes.


Our mission is to quantify all science within the framework of Classical Mechanics. The Aether Physics Model (APM) provides the quantified explanations for unifying the forces, identifying the structure and properties of space and the underlying physics of space using simple Newtonian style equations.  

The APM bases on the principles of Classical Mechanics and successfully predicts the 1s orbital binding energies of electrons in ALL atoms from first principles. It demonstrates, mathematically, that there are two distinct and different types of charges; electrostatic charge and magnetic charge. The APM mathematically demonstrates the notation of charge should always be distributed (squared) relative to the linear dimension of mass.  

The Aether Physics Model shows there is order in the Universe all the way down to the most primary elements of creation by using the simplest dimension-based mathematics.

How You Can Help

Quantum AetherDynamics Institute is looking for students, educators, and professionals skilled in mathematics and experimentation to validate or falsify the paradigm, physics laws, and particle physics predictions of the Aether Physics Model.