Secrets of the Aether

At the end of this Aether journey, we find ourselves at the beginning. 

Your focus determines your reality! – Quai Gon Jing, Star Wars Episode 1

Our culture is bombarded with a continuous stream of fictional stories ranging through space wars, fabled epic adventures, alternate realities, virtual realities, and magical adventures. Much of it is high-tech filmography, “eye candy,” as some call it. There are people flying on broomsticks, flying in Delorean cars, flying in faster-than-photon-speed spaceships, or even just plain flying without anything to support them. Objects fly to one’s hand by mere will, sparks fly out of wands, computers build a virtual reality for humans, and rings hold the power of the evilest force. Interspersed with the fanciful thinking are plots of varying strengths conveying human values and hopes as good triumphs over evil while overcoming inevitable human shortcomings and fears.

Each story has a scientific aspect (mostly science fiction) and a religious aspect (mostly portrayed by exceptionally good and exceptionally evil characters). It seems humanity needs to understand the world from both a philosophical viewpoint and a realistic one (even if it is an illusion of realism). The scripts of the more successful stories confirm the storytelling industry either consciously or unconsciously understands these human needs.

But our present scientific and religious institutions apparently do not understand the needs of the human psyche. In its effort to keep religion out of science, science has become a religion. In addition, the teachings of science, particularly in the quantum physics department, seem to have more farfetched theories than some of the most improbable movies. Physicists with PhDs spend 8 to 12 years of their lives studying so that they can proudly boast that physics is not understandable. They tell the world about wave/particle duality, color force, particle flavor, up/down characteristics, energy-mass equivalence, tiny bullets of light, particles existing as probability functions, Higgs Bosons, time travel via Special Relativity, and other things equally as strange as people flying on broomsticks, computer-generated virtual reality, and the rest of Hollywood fare. Try to dispute the equivalence of energy and mass, and you receive half a dozen flawed arguments and not one good one to support it. Suppose you attempt to dispute these wild and improvable hypotheses. In that case, you are branded a crackpot, which ends the discussion, because the prevailing theories claim to predict the data.

Religion has fared no better. There must be over 1000 variations of a dozen major religious institutions. Every one of them preaches its version of the truth, and most point to the failings of the others. Within each organization are the few “privileged ones” who think they know more about truth than the multitude. Some withhold this knowledge for personal gain or because they believe others aren’t ready to know.

Fortunately, we live in a society with freedom of speech and have Hollywood to fulfill the scientific and religious needs of the masses for relatively little cost per person.

Wouldn’t it be nice if theories of quantum physics were comprehensible and mathematically and geometrically correct? Wouldn’t it be nice if science could unequivocally show the nature of the true Creator of the Universe? Wouldn’t it be nice if quantum physics could be taught in high school because it was so simple to understand?

Knowledge as clear and simple as the Aether Physics Model could be the beginning of a new era. This could be the era where science and religion finally merge. This could begin a new enlightenment, where everyone shares the most fundamental knowledge of physical experience.

The Aether Physics Model is easy to understand. So far, it is the most accurate theory of quantum structure ever presented because it reveals a Unified Force Theory and explains the physics behind General Relativity theory. Our understanding of atoms, molecules, and DNA will soar far beyond our wildest dreams because we can now understand the mechanics at the primary levels of physical existence. This book presents the elementary concepts of quantum physics. In just under three years, one person with only a high school GED developed this theory, revealing much new and fundamental knowledge about the Universe and God. What will happen when other physicists, chemists, biologists, naturalists, philosophers, sociologists, movie producers, and theologians understand this theory? What will happen when the nanotechnology sector understands the Aether Physics Model? The advancements in materials, medicines, processes, and other technologies will accelerate astoundingly. Moreover, if people around the planet can see there really is just one God, and if people could learn how the Living God manifests in flowers, shells, seeds, growth patterns, and all of existence, maybe we can see that God did not speak to only one group of people. Maybe we will discover that God speaks equally to males and females, all races, all ethnicities, and all living beings.

If there ever was an opportunity for humanity to gather together peacefully under a single umbrella, the Aether Physics Model is that umbrella.

I hope this book has succeeded in showing the broad and solid foundation of the Aether Physics Model. If you found the theory to be coherent and understandable, and if you see the value in the message of this book, then please make an effort to share it with someone. Tell your friends or share your copy. The knowledge in these pages belongs to everyone and transcends any one person or group.

More importantly, if you have any relevant training, find a unique way to build on this theory. Numerous opportunities for significant discoveries are yet to materialize based on this theory. You could have insights into a new physical or mental process, knowledge for further developing the mathematics or insights into how consciousness can be quantified and incorporated into the theory. The possibilities are limitless!

The Quantum AetherDynamics Institute was founded to develop and disseminate the Aether Physics Model (previously known as the Quantum Physics Model). We welcome reports and insights from others. We plan to develop a research center to develop the theory and test new technologies specifically.

Thank you for your interest in the Aether Physics Model and for the opportunity to share this vivid aspiration for science. May your life be enriched with unbounded happiness and the desire to share happiness with all other living beings.

David W. Thomson III