Secrets of the Aether

Time is a familiar concept, but it is also greatly misunderstood.

Physicists think of time in many strange ways. In the theory of Special Relativity, the rate of the passage of time is seen as relative based on the velocity of an object as compared to an observer. The theory of General Relativity suggests that time passes at different rates based on gravity. The Sagnac theory of Relativity suggests the rate of time varies according to the angular momentum of an object in orbit around another object.

Time is a linear dimension which is perceived to flow from the past toward the future. It is as though time were a wave of awareness that travels through an infinite number of holographic, physical matter frames resulting in the apparent animation of those holographic, physical matter frames. However, nobody has ever measured physical matter in a time frame that is different from the present time frame.

Of the past, present, and future of time, only the present moment is ever directly experienced and observed. The past and future are always imagined. All the physical matter of the entire Universe has ever only been observed to physically exist in the present moment. Even light from distant galaxies, which depict galaxies as they existed millions and even billions of years ago, is still observed in the present moment. Yes, the light gathered through telescopes show us what the galaxies looked like in the past, just like photographs and movies do, but we are still experiencing the light from the present.

When we look at an old person, we do not see a young person in the past, we see an old person in the present moment. Yet when we look at old light, we focus on the young galaxy in the past, rather than the old light in the present moment. We have a selective perspective of time that suits our belief system, rather than a consistent view of time that reflects physical reality.

Physical matter has never been observed to leave the present, and then appear in the past or future, and neither has anything from the past or future ever suddenly materialized in the present. We can write books, and produce movies that demonstrate what time travel might look like, but no scientific observation has ever demonstrated physical matter actually traveling through time.

What Relativity theories do demonstrate are distortions of space, and relative perceptions, but these distortions and perceptions always take place in the present. Through imagination and twisting words we can create the perception that time is slowing down or speeding up, but these are only mind games. In the end, everything remains in the present moment.

So how do we account for change if we are always in the present moment? Time is the reciprocal of frequency, and frequency is a dimension that actually takes place in the present moment. Most equations used in physics place time in the denominator, which is essentially saying that we are really talking about frequency, as opposed to time.

In the Aether Physics Model, the fundamental forces of nature are unified to a common factor, the Gforce. The Gforce is reciprocal to the fundamental physical forces, and is of a non-material nature. The Gforce maintains an oscillation in the fields of space, which oscillates between right/left spin, and forward/backward time. The Gforce is all pervading, and represents a single source, even though it manifests through every subatomic particle and quantum of space throughout the physical Universe. It is the oscillation of the Gforce between forward/backward time that produces the experience of the present moment. 

Due to the structure of the quantum, rotating magnetic fields that constructs space, when these quantum, rotating magnetic fields absorb a strand of dark matter (string of mass), a subatomic particle is produced. The subatomic particle is a quantum unit of angular momentum, which either possesses the mass of the electron (or positron) or the mass of the proton (or antiproton). The structure of the quantum rotating magnetic field prevents the subatomic particle from spinning in the backward time direction, and only allows the subatomic particle to spin in the forward time direction. This is observed in mainstream physics as the "half-spin" nature of subatomic particles. In effect, subatomic particles behave as "time diodes."

It is due to the half-spin nature of the subatomic particles, which only spin in the forward direction of time, that we perceive time as a forward movement from past to future. If it were not for the existence of subatomic particles, we would have no perception of time at all. The quantum rotating magnetic fields give us the present moment, and half of the present moment is forward moving time.

What this means is that the present moment is the full temporal reality and that forward time is a subset of the present moment. There are no physical past and future that we can travel to. Physical matter exists only in the present moment and the past and the future exist only in our memories and dreams. It also means that any interpretation by Relativity theories of time travel or time dilation are physically impossible. Even if matter could leak out of the present moment, physical matter has no physical place to go to.

Time is just a concept we use to identify the duration aspect of physical matter, just as length is just a concept that we use to identify the longness of physical matter. There is no background conveyor belt of time forcing physical matter to change, or pushing consciousness from one time frame to another. Time does nothing; all the temporal action is performed by physical matter, and all the physical matter action takes place only in the present moment.